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Oct 7, 2015

Hello and welcome to another episode of the Technology Flows podcast.

My name is Matthew Morris and I’m a Salesforce admin and MVP.

Each week I’ll be brining you the voices and opinions from the world of Salesforce.

This week I have for you a conversation with Peter Coffee who is the Vice President for Strategic Research at Salesforce.

Many of you will recognise Peter as the host of pre-keynote conversations at many Salesforce events.  I think I am right in saying that it is his voice which announces every keynote session at Dreamforce, which he has to pre-record in the run up to the conference.

If you’re interested in “the future”, then Peter is you man.  He leads the emerging trends track at Dreamforce, which from what I have seen gives a 2-3 year view into the future of Salesforce and the technology industry.

Before he was hired by Marc Benioff in 2007, Peter was a technology journalist.  He’s also a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and back in the day he even wrote a book entitled How to program Java.

If you want to improve your understanding of how technology and business work together and where they are leading us Peter is your man.

I sat down with Peter in the press room at Dreamforce on the very last day with the hope that he could help straighten out my thoughts about all the announcements and technologies which were on show that week.

 Clearly my head was still spinning as you’ll hear we made reference to the I’m a Mac adverts which ran from 2006 to about 2009, so a good 6 years ago.  Not the 2 or 3 that came out of my mouth.  Things move fast today, it seems.

You can find Peter on twitter @petercoffee

Please feel free to leave feedback on the blog at or tweet me directly, I am @matmorris.

Enjoy the show...

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