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Oct 1, 2015

This week I’m speaking with Don Robins, who is an award winning instructor for Salesforce University and he has been a pioneer in providing education and advice for Salesforce admins and developers wanting to learn how to exploit Salesforce’s new Lightning technologies.

Don and I got together in a San Francisco bar, directly across the road from the Dreamforce conference which had just closed.

This conversation came almost exactly a year after our first conversation about the release of Salesforce Lightning components.

And we started by talking about how quickly the time had passed, and how people (including me) can catch up and start understanding how to exploit the power of Lightning.

Over the past 18 months, Don has produced some excellent materials which introduce developers and admins to building with Lightning.

Top of the list is Don’s Salesforce University online course which you can access for FREE.

Don also produced a series of 6 blog posts which introduce the concepts of lightning and are a great primer for the training course.

Lightning is really here, and I really recommend that anyone associated with the Salesforce eco system read these blog posts. 

If your job is as Salesforce developer or Admin then you should to continue to the online training, which is a high quality Salesforce University production with video and slides.

All of these great resources can be seen by going to the link

I hope you enjoy the show, please feel free to leave feedback on the blog at or tweet me directly, I am @ M A T MORRIS

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